Delaware River Basin

The Delaware River Basin is a critically important place of refuge for birds and other wildlife.
Last year, Congress made history when they invested in a new on-the-ground conservation effort, the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program, for the first time.
The program helps to protect the basin’s 400 miles of designated National Wild and Scenic River, extensive forest, and 700,000 acres of wetland habitat.

Speak up and let your members of Congress know that you support this program to protect the Delaware River Basin.

The restoration program supports projects that improve habitat for more than 400 species of birds, preserve clean drinking water for 15 million people, reduce flood risk, and enhance recreational activities for the millions of people that visit this special place.

Bird species such as Bald Eagles, Bobolinks, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Sanderlings, Red Knots, and Ruddy Turnstones would lose significant portions of their habitats without the preservation of the Basin.

Your members of Congress need to know that restoring the Delaware River Basin is important to YOU.

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