7 Ag Stories You May Have Missed This Week

(Farm Progress) Trade aid criticized at WTO, USMCA passes in Mexico and double cropping in Nebraska

Missed some agricultural news this week? Here are seven stories to catch you up.

1. The Trump administration’s $16 billion of trade aid has been criticized by World Trade Organization members. The European Union, China and five other WTO members say the subsidies could exceed U.S. WTO subsidy commitments and influence U.S. planting decisions. – Farm Futures

2. The Mexican Senate on Wednesday passed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, making Mexico the first country to modify the newly modified North American Free Trade Agreement. – Politico

3. The Guernsey breed has become stagnant in terms of genetic improvement, according to the acting director of USDA’s Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory. Milk yield has plateaued and overall fertility has been a challenge. The breed also suffers from a small pool of bulls to choose from. Guernsey cows are known for their docile temperament and for producing milk that’s higher in butterfat in protein. – American Agriculturalist

4. Bayer is pledging to spend about $5.5 billion over the next decade on novel herbicide technologies. This is about 15% of the company’s annual R&D budget. – Chemical and Engineering News

5. University of Nebraska Extension is investigating double cropping and found surprising results. – Nebraska Farmer

6. The union representing the employees at USDA’s Economic Research Service is demanding the agency begin negotiations over its planned relocation to Kansas City. Economists with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association dispute Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue’s cost savings analysis. The AAEA economist say the move will not save money, it will cost taxpayers $37 million to $128 million. – Federal News Network

7. The amount of the United States experiencing drought is at a historical low. The primary areas affected include portions of the Southeast, Pacific Northwest and parts of northern North Dakota. – Farm Futures

And your bonus.

The Wyoming Center on Aging at the University of Wyoming created a program called Healthy U. It supports people with a chronic disease and their caregivers by teaching self-management skills and offering a support group. – Wyoming Public Radio

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