Animal Populations Fall Worldwide – October 30, 2018

Trump to send second round of tariff payments to farmers by year end

With no end in sight for the trade war, the Trump administration will begin a second, multibillion-dollar round of payments to soybean, cotton, pork, dairy, sorghum, wheat and corn producers by the end of the year, said Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Monday.

Animal populations fall by 60 percent in four decades

Animal Populations Fall Worldwide

Global populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians have declined, on average, by 60 perent since 1970s, said the World Wildlife Fund in its Living Planet Report 2018 on Monday.


Corn will be king in 2018 (Farmdoc Daily): Based on current market prices, U.S. farmers will expand corn plantings by 2 percent and curtail soybeans by 4 percent in 2019, returning corn to its position as the most widely planted crop in the country after a rare year of supremacy by soybeans.

American Petroleum Institute poll punches E15 (DTN/Progressive Farmer): The oil industry released results of a “push” poll, which uses loaded questions to skew responses, to say President Trump’s support of year-round sales of E15 is not supported by the public and may face a backlash.

Colon cancer deaths rise with pesticide use in Brazil (SciDev.Net): For the first time, the use of pesticides has been linked to sharp rise in colon cancer deaths in a developing country, according to reseach appearing in the journal Chemosphere.

Brazil aims to beat U.S. in ethanol (Reuters): Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro said that the South American agricultural giant will reclaim global leadership in ethanol production from the United States.

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