Before a USDA carbon bank, try some pilot projects, says climate alliance – May 4, 2021

Before a USDA carbon bank, try some pilot projects, says climate alliance

A few weeks ago, USDA climate adviser Robert Bonnie used a variant of “walk before you run” to describe the Biden administration goal of bipartisan support for climate mitigation in agriculture. On Monday, a sector-spanning coalition said the USDA “needs to crawl before it can walk” into a carbon bank that would help farmers adopt climate-smart practices.

EPA wants to retract three last-minute RFS waivers

In a legal motion filed in Denver, the EPA asked a federal appeals court to vacate RFS exemptions granted to three small refineries during President Trump’s last day in office.

Today’s Quick Hits

Pandemic aid tally: The USDA paid a combined $64 million on 2,466 applications from farmers and ranchers for pandemic relief last week, according to the most recent data. (FERN’s Ag Insider)

Supermarkets’ share dwindles: Alternative grocers such as Amazon, Target, Costco, Walmart and Dollar General now account for the majority of grocery sales, while the supermarkets’ share of sales has dropped to 44 percent from 67 percent in 2005. (Grocery Dive)

Heaps of kelp: The seaweed harvest in Maine is almost certain to be the largest ever, growing as a result of rising demand for healthy foods during the pandemic, according to industry officials. (Portland Press Herald)

Tyson’s plant burgers: With the grilling season at hand, Tyson Foods launched the sale of plant-based burgers and sausages, putting increased pressure on Beyond Meat, which will soon update its faux burger. (Reuters)

Rural vaccine resistance: More than one-fifth of rural Americans taking part in a Harris Poll said they would not get a coronavirus vaccination, compared to 10 percent of urban Americans and 14 percent of suburbanites. (Harris)

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