Breakfast in Classrooms – February 14, 2019

Breakfast in classrooms, universal access boost school breakfast count

Breakfast in schools becomes focus

Breakfast participation rates at U.S. schools rose in the 2017-18 school year, and a report issued Wednesday by the Food Research & Action Center attributed that increase to decisions by schools to serve breakfast in classrooms and to offer meals to all pupils free of charge.

Traceability a ‘critical piece’ of the food safety network, says the FDA

In a look back at last November’s recall of romaine lettuce, the FDA says that although “one farm cannot explain the entire outbreak,” it is now able to identify potential sources of E. coli contamination by using technology that can track foods from field to consumer.


A growing rural-urban divide (The Register-Guard): Fifty years ago, in all regions of Oregon, at least 50 percent of registered voters were Democrats. Today, urban parts of the state can be 70 percent Democratic, while more rural regions can be just 40 percent Democratic.

Tyson’s reinvention (Wall Street Journal): As meat overproduction, low prices, and tariffs on U.S. goods have hurt the meat industry, Tyson Foods, the nation’s largest meatpacker, is moving into making more prepared foods.

‘Discretionary enforcement’ for E15? (Reuters): The USDA’s deputy secretary said the administration should use “discretionary enforcement” if it fails to complete the regulatory paperwork in time to remove the summertime ban on the sale of E15.

Plant-based entrees at Fort Sill (Stars and Stripes): Since July 2018, the Guns and Rockets Dining Facility at the Oklahoma Army base has offered a plant-based entree at every meal. It is believed to be the Army’s only dining hall that provides options for soldiers who don’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy.

Reducing food waste can mean big savings (World Resources Institute):  Restaurants can save $7 for each $1 spent to reduce food waste, chiefly by buying less food, making food in smaller batches, storing food so it doesn’t spoil, and making better use of leftovers, a study says.

Senate passes land preservation bill (Washington Post): The Senate sent to the House the largest land preservation bill in a decade, declaring 1.3 million acres as wilderness, barring mining on 370,000 acres near national parks, and permanently authorizing a program that uses revenue from offshore drilling to pay for conservation.

Dairy cows die in Northwest storms (Drovers): High winds, heavy snowfall, and extreme cold killed at least 2,000 dairy cows in Washington and Idaho, and some farmers had to dump milk because there was no way to transport it to market.

The French fry power ratings (Los Angeles Times): Complete with a scatter plot with axes for taste and texture, a food columnist ranks 19 fast-food chains for the quality of their French fries, including fry shape and mouthfeel.

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