Cellulosic Ethanol in Decline – November 21, 2019

Shadows of twilight darken the age of cellulosic ethanol


Five years ago, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands joined Gov. Terry Branstad at a biofuels plant in northwestern Iowa to inaugurate commercial-scale production of cellulosic ethanol. This week, the owner of that facility announced it would no longer produce the so-called “second-generation” renewable fuel at the plant.


Like fall harvest, USDA’s Crop Progress report will continue into December


The USDA traditionally shuts down its weekly Crop Progress report at the end of November because the growing season is over and the fall harvest is all but complete in most states. But this year, the USDA will continue to monitor the harvest, which is weeks later than usual, into December.


A new cash crop for cartels (Los Angeles Times): Criminal gangs in Mexico are moving into a new multibillion-dollar industry — avocados — seizing farms and clearing woodlands to grow “green gold.”

‘Phase one’ may slide into 2020 (Reuters): The “phase one” Sino-U.S. trade deal touted by President Trump remains elusive, and negotiations could extend into the new year as each nation brings new demands to the table, according to trade experts and unnamed sources close to the White House.

Highway help for pollinators (Merkley): Under a bill filed by four U.S. senators, the federal government would award grants to state highway departments to fund practices, such as planting native grasses and wildflowers, that are beneficial to pollinators, including monarch butterflies.

Green light for propane shipments (DTN/Progressive Farmer): Responding to tight supplies of propane gas, which is used to dry crops in the Midwest, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a proposal for emergency shipments of the fuel to Illinois from a terminal in Texas.

New York allows sale of E15 (Ethanol Producer): State officials have approved the sale of E15, a 15 percent blend of ethanol into gasoline, throughout New York, opening the fourth-largest fuel market in the nation to sales of the higher-blend mix.

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