Cutting Food Waste – August 29, 2019

Report maps ways to cut food waste by 50 percent globally


The World Resources Institute released a report Thursday that shows how the world could cut food waste by 50 percent by 2030, offering findings that are in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Achieving that goal would save money, feed people more sustainably, and fight climate change.


Promise and delay, the latest step in Trump’s dance with corn and oil interests


President Trump will soon announce a plan to boost demand for biofuels. At least that’s what Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told participants in a policy forum at the Illinois Farm Progress Show on Wednesday. But no one — including Trump or Perdue — seems to know exactly what that plan will be, let alone when it will be announced or implemented.


How buying Monsanto tanked Bayer


The 2016 acquisition by Bayer of seed and chemical giant Monsanto has turned out to be a rotten deal. Shares in the German company have fallen 30 percent since the $63 billion deal closed, and are now at just 50 percent of their value in 2015, when the company was Germany’s most valuable.


Healthy soil to combat climate change (Pew): Many states are proposing new soil management policies that offer incentives and support for farmers who want to build soil that will be resilient to the effects of climate change.

Pushing for pea protein (Cargill): Cargill has invested another $75 million in a company that produces pea protein, a leading component of meat alternatives.

José Andrés sued (Washington Post): A lawsuit filed by a bartender employed at a New York restaurant owned by Nobel Peace Prize nominee José Andrés alleges that the restaurateur violated wage laws.

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