Farm Groups Seek Finality On Trade – November 19, 2019

After ups and downs, farm groups look for finality on trade


As lawmakers become more vocal in criticizing Trump tariff payments, U.S. farm groups increasingly are quiet on trade issues. The reasons range from weariness to uncertainty over what’s to come, say analysts and farm group officials.


Did Alaska timber industry use USDA funds to lobby USDA?


The top Democrats overseeing the Forest Service asked the inspector general on Monday to investigate whether USDA grant money to Alaska was used by the timber industry to lobby for more logging in the Tongass National Forest.


Public health group: No new CAFOs (JHCLF): The American Public Health Association adopted a policy statement calling for a moratorium on the construction or expansion of large livestock farms, or concentrated animal feeding operations. It also called for a ban on the routine use of medically important antibiotics in food animals.


Fighting citrus greening with ‘really healthy soil’ (Citrus Industry): Florida grower Ed James credits “cover cropping and focusing on a really healthy soil” for recovery of a citrus grove that had stopped producing due to citrus greening disease.


Grain prices likely to fall in 2020 (FAPRI): Farm-gate prices for corn and soybeans will be notably lower when 2020 crops come to market, “unless trade deals or other factors result in especially strong crop demand.”


Chasing Gen Z with non-alcoholic drinks (Wall Street Journal): Molson Coors Brewing is expanding its investment in non-alcoholic beverages, hoping to capture younger customers who are drinking less alcohol than prior generations.


Amazon drops grocery fees in Germany (New York Times): In its latest move to draw more customers to its online grocery marketplace, Amazon is lowering fees for German customers who order food via its Amazon Fresh service.

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