Farm labor a priority in House for immigration reform – February 12, 2021

Farm labor a priority in House for immigration reform

Immigration reform, including legal status for farmworkers, is vital for assuring U.S. economic strength, said chairman Jerry Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Congress has deadlocked repeatedly over immigration, whether comprehensive legislation or piecemeal reforms, but President Biden, on his first day in office, called for a thorough overhaul of immigration law.



Tyson shareholders reject proposals on human rights, corporate transparency

At its annual meeting on Thursday, Tyson Foods shareholders rejected three proposals that would have increased investor oversight of the company’s operations. Tyson also reported lower-than-expected sales in the first quarter as well as ongoing pandemic-related worker absenteeism and turnover.


Low market prices mean less land planted to cotton, says survey

U.S. cotton growers plan to reduce plantings by 5 percent this spring because of lingering low prices caused by the pandemic, said the National Cotton Council on Thursday at its annual meeting.



Biden, Xi talk trade: President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping spent two hours on the phone in a broad-ranging review of issues, including Biden’s “fundamental concerns about Beijing’s coercive and unfair economic practices,” said the White House. (FERN’s Ag Insider)

Blueberries not a threat: On a 5-0 vote, the U.S. International Trade Commission determined that imports of fresh, chilled, or frozen blueberries do not pose a serious threat to domestic producers. (USITC)


Grocery prices rise: The grocery store price of meats, fish, poultry, and eggs rose 5.1 percent over the past year, leading a 3.7 percent increase in the cost of “food at home” since last January, according to the monthly Consumer Price Index report. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Water worries in Arizona: Large farms in southeastern Arizona rely on deep wells to irrigate corn and alfalfa fields, pistachio orchards, and grape vineyards, causing concern about the future water supply and talk in the state legislature of groundwater regulations. (Arizona Republic)


Mr. Peanut is moving on: Hormel Foods, maker of Spam and Skippy peanut butter, is buying Planters, known for its Mr. Peanut mascot, from Kraft Heinz for $3.35 billion. (CNN)


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