Farmers are worried about climate change but skeptical of carbon markets – January 27, 2021

Farmers are worried about climate change but skeptical of carbon markets

Farmers in the largest corn-growing state are increasingly concerned about the potential impact of climate change on their operations but also dubious of carbon markets that would pay them to sequester carbon in the soil, according to the annual Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll.


‘Substantial investments’ needed in public nutrition, says senator

Congress can reduce hunger during the pandemic by extending the 15 percent increase in SNAP benefits and providing an additional $3 billion for WIC, as suggested by President Biden, said Sen. Bob Casey to the Consumer Federation of America on Tuesday.


Largest corn sale to China since July

Private exporters reported the largest sale of U.S.-grown corn to Chinese buyers in nearly six months, with 1.36 million tonnes for delivery this marketing year, said the USDA on Tuesday. It was only the fifth time since 1994 that corn sales to China exceeded 1 million tonnes in a single day.





Who is rural?: On the last day of the Trump administration, the White House budget office suggested a minimum population of 100,000 for cities that are the core of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, rather than the current 50,000 people. The change would reclassify 251 counties as rural and boost the rural population by 40 percent to 64 million. (Daily Yonder)


Russia to double wheat export tax: In a response to rising domestic food prices due to the pandemic, Russia said it would impose a $61-per-tonne export tax on wheat from March 1-June 30, double the rate set for Feb. 15-March 1. (Reuters)


Sentences upheld in Kansas bomb plot: A federal appeals court in Denver upheld the 25-year prison terms of two Kansas men who plotted to blow up an apartment complex that was home to Somali immigrants working in meatpacking plants. (Courthouse News).


Hemp impact to quadruple: Sales of industrial hemp could grow fourfold to around $8 billion by 2025 with a total economic impact of as much as $16 billion, says the 2021 Hemp and CBD Factbook. (Hemp Industry Daily)


Repair before reform: The Biden administration must deal with hunger and food safety before it can consider proposals for broad changes in USDA policies, say food activists. (New York Times)

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