Federal Cash for Farm Belt – July 10, 2019

Summer shower of federal cash to follow rainy spring in Farm Belt

Farmers can expect a deluge of federal payments in the weeks ahead to cushion the effect of farm exports lost to the trade war and crops washed away by the rainiest spring in a quarter-century, say analysts.

Trump claims environmental stewardship in a speech seen as misleading

During a 45-minute speech, President Trump said that his administration coupled economic growth with environmental stewardship. The Sierra Club said the president was “attempting to greenhouse gaslight” Americans.


New NAFTA needs improvements (NFU): In a letter to House leaders, the National Farmers Union called for improvements to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement to protect rural jobs and reduce healthcare costs.

Farmworkers don’t get a wage hike from fair trade (NPR): Although farmers generally benefit from the higher prices of fair trade certification, research shows the gains are not passed onto farmworkers employed by these farms.

Progress on agriculture’s greenhouse gases (OECD/FAO): Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture are forecast to grow by 0.5 percent a year over the coming decade, below the previous 0.7 percent annual rate, thanks to higher yields and technological innovation, said a 10-year forecast of global agriculture.

Livelihoods at risk in ‘pork plague’ (FAO): The highly contagious African swine fever, which kills hogs but does not harm humans, “poses a serious risk to the livelihood and food security of large numbers of people” in East and Southeast Asia, where pork accounts for half of the meat supply.

What’s ahead for Escalante? (NPR): The Trump administration is moving ahead with plans to open up parts of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument to drilling and cattle grazing, despite legal challenges.

Hemp can help Florida (Washington Post): Nikki Fried, the first woman elected agriculture commissioner in Florida, says a state famed for oranges can become the U.S. leader in hemp, both in production and processing.

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