Happy Thanksgiving – November 28, 2019

HAPPY THANKSGIVING … We Americans, should really be thankful of the great human beings, who make up our heritage, the people who built this great country we call home.

There were 102 immigrants on the Mayflower. The little ship of 113 feet is actually smaller than my organic garden, but 102 people got on that little boat and crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ve had the opportunity to sail the Gulf of Mexico in a huge Cruise Ship. I really do not want to admit this but there was one night when I would have given anything to get off that thing! It was tossed around by the mighty Gulf waters as though it were an eggshell. Can you imagine what would happen to a little ship like the Mayflower in the Atlantic Ocean?

Then when the Pilgrims got to Massachusetts, it was November 11, 1620. There was nothing but an impenetrable forest, full of wild animals and strange looking people and, the Pilgrims were short of food after 66 days aboard the Mayflower.

Before they landed they made a pact. There wasn’t a rich man among them, not a scholar; they were plain, simple, everyday people, but great nonetheless.

They wrote out an agreement known as the Mayflower Compact, distilling in eight sentences the political and philosophical thinking of almost 400 years.

They agreed that they would elect men to rule over them and would respect their rule, thus the beginning of our American democracy—government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Foreshadowed in that little document were the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They were rather smart people, the Pilgrims.

And they were tough. They had a stern philosophy of life and morality. You can not build a great nation on soft people.

There are so many pessimists today who contend that the United States is going to pieces, but I don’t believe it because the same sturdy breed is still among us.

Whenever, I begin to get a little discouraged about America, I go home, sweet, home to Abilene, Texas and sit down at some non-Starbucks type coffee shop where I meet a salty West Texas character. He knows the score, he knows what’s going on.

As long as we still have people like that in the United States, people who don’t take themselves too seriously; who don’t go around with a sour look on their faces; who still love this land—the good earth, the sky, the farm and ranch land, the towering mountains, the rolling prairies and the great wonderful shining cities—we’ll survive the current political climate, economical and trade problems.

Be Blessed…
Be Grateful…
Be Thankful…


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