Highest farm income in eight years, but one-third comes from government – September 3, 2021

Highest farm income in eight years, but one-third comes from government

Higher prices for corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, and broiler chickens — top U.S. ag products — will boost net farm income to $113 billion this year, the highest since 2013, estimated the Agriculture Department on Thursday. Income would be 26 percent higher than the 10-year average, reflecting the economy-wide recovery from the pandemic.

USDA: What should we call cell-cultured meat?

With cell-cultured meat getting closer to the marketplace, the USDA’s meat safety agency is asking consumers how the high-tech products should be labeled and whether using names such as “pork loin” or “steak” to describe them should be permitted.

Up to 20 million pounds of food for Louisiana

Food banks in Louisiana will receive up to 800,000 packages of shelf-stable food for distribution this month to people in areas struck by Hurricane Ida, said the USDA on Thursday.

Today’s Quick Hits

Push on biotech: China and Mexico are failing to comply with agreements to allow imports of GE crops, said House Agriculture chairman David Scott and six committee Democrats, who urged the Biden administration to step up pressure on the two countries. (House Agriculture)

Fertilizer control: Corn farms that “split-apply” nitrogen fertilizer by making multiple applications during the growing season instead of a single dose at planting time are eligible for a new crop insurance policy. It would compensate them for lower yields if they are unable to make the in-season applications. (Risk Management Agency)

Higher pay at JBS: Union workers at the JBS meatpacking plant in Greeley, Colorado, will earn among the highest wages in the meatpacking industry, up to $28.25 an hour, under a four-year contract agreed to after months of negotiations. (Greeley Tribune)

Breaking down barriers: Audra Mulkern has spent years photographing and filming women farmers in an attempt to break what she calls the “grass ceiling” that sustains the image of U.S. agriculture as a male occupation. (PCC Markets)

Big Oil makes biofuel: Two major oil companies are partnering with agricultural firms — Chevron with Bunge and BP with CleanBay Renewables — to expand the production of renewable fuels. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

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