Judge delays Prop 12 enforcement on California retailers – January 26, 2022

Judge delays Prop 12 enforcement on California retailers

California cannot enforce Proposition 12 against food retailers until it issues overdue regulations to assure they sell pork only from farms that comply with the animal-welfare law, said a Superior Court judge on Tuesday. The meat industry cheered the ruling, but state officials said pork producers and suppliers are still obliged to obey Prop 12, which took effect on Jan. 1.

Meat prices are going up but not as fast as in 2021

Beef and pork prices are going up again this year but the increases will not be as severe as last year, said the USDA on Tuesday. The monthly Food Price Outlook reported that beef and pork prices would rise by 3.5 percent for the year, and that “Upward pressures on meat prices are expected to ease in the latter half of 2022.”

Today’s Quick Hits

Probe meat prices: The chairman of a House Oversight and Reform subcommittee asked meat processors Tyson Foods, JBS USA, National Beef and Seaboard for information that explains “alarming price increases on beef, pork and chicken products” in the past year. (House Oversight)

California turns dry: After October rains and December snows, California’s wet season has turned dry, suggesting new water challenges in a state looking for relief from a multiyear drought. (Washington Post)

ADM record quarter: Agribusiness giant ADM reported a record fourth-quarter profit, up 14 percent on strong demand for biofuels. (Reuters)

Block rail strike: A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order that prevents two unions from striking against BNSF, the largest U.S. railroad, over an “availability” policy that takes effect on Feb. 1 and which the unions say will separate workers from their families. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Urge famine relief: Sixteen senators asked the Biden administration to tap the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust for the first time in eight years to respond to the threat of famine affecting 45 million people overseas. (Sen. Moran)

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