Pence Goes To Canada – May 30, 2019

Pence goes to Canada, looking for a sprint to the new NAFTA

Vice President Mike Pence and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are scheduled to confer today in Ottawa on what could be a summertime sprint in both countries to ratify the USMCA trade agreement.

SNAP boosted rural employment during the Great Recession

The Obama administration’s increase in food stamp benefits during the Great Recession “had a positive average impact on county-level employment” in rural areas, says a USDA report.


FDIC notes ag sector ‘challenges’ (Ag Insider): The FDIC is monitoring “challenges in the agriculture sector associated with low commodity prices and farm incomes,” said Diane Ellis, the agency’s director of research and insurance.

Court returns WOTUS to EPA (DTN/Progressive Farmer): A U.S. district court in Texas, ruling in a lawsuit brought by farm groups, returned the clean-water regulation known as the Waters of the United States rule to the EPA on grounds the agency violated the Administrative Procedures Act.

California to debate bumblebee protection (Center for Food Safety): The California Fish and Game Commission is scheduled to vote on June 12 on a recommendation to list four species of native bumblebees as candidates for protection under the state’s endangered species law.

Railroads squeeze suppliers (Wall Street Journal): Freight shippers, like pasta giant Barilla, are facing higher costs from railroad companies that are moving to streamline operations by running longer trains on tighter schedules.

Fight for $15 wins in Connecticut (Hartford Courant): A new law will raise the minimum wage in Connecticut to $15 by 2023, a move that will mean significantly higher pay for the state’s fast-food workers.

Presidential food policy cheat sheet (Civil Eats): Wondering where all the 2020 presidential candidates stand on food and farming? Check out this Rolodex of candidates and their policy positions.

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