Senate Approval Promising for USMCA – January 8, 2020

Near-unanimous Senate approval, ‘hopefully soon,’ predicted for USMCA


The Senate Finance Committee overwhelmingly approved one of President Trump’s top priorities, an updated free trade pact with Canada and Mexico, on Tuesday with Democrats claiming a share of the credit.


Grassley has good words for ‘Tariff Man’

Two years ago, President Trump declared on social media that he was “a Tariff Man” and that import duties “will always be the best way to max out our economic power,” a sentiment that was widely disputed. Sen. Chuck Grassley said on Tuesday that Trump was right when it comes to China.


Faux pork is on the way (Washington Post): Impossible Foods, maker of a popular plant-based burger, announced that it will be rolling out two new faux-pork products, including one at the end of this month.


Fish farming goes to court (AP): The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing a controversial case about whether Congress or NOAA should regulate fish farming in open oceans. A ruling is expected later this year.


Sink or swim for GMO salmon (IEEE Spectrum): Before the end of this year, AquaBounty Technologies expects to harvest its first GMO salmon raised in the United States and intended for domestic sale, but whether grocers will stock it remains unclear.


Temporary chief remodels BLM (Washington Post): The acting director of the Bureau of Land Management will leave a permanent mark on the agency by moving its headquarters to Grand Junction, Colorado, and naming the building after a Reagan-era official who was part of the “sagebrush rebellion” that wanted to transfer federal land to the states.


Spotted Pig case settles (New York Times): Ken Friedman, the owner of the infamous Spotted Pig restaurant in Manhattan, will pay $240,000 and a share of profits to former employees who accused him of sexual harassment and discrimination.


Stones tabbed for Farmer Mac (White House): Charles Stones, former president of the Kansas Bankers Association, is President Trump’s choice to serve as a member of the board of the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp.


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