Senate Democrats Slam Inequities – November 13, 2019

Senate Democrats slam inequities in Trump tariff payments


The Trump administration should immediately reform its multibillion-dollar trade-war bailout for farmers and ranchers so money flows to the producers who are hurt the most and aid is focused on family-sized farms, said Senate Democrats on Tuesday.


Dean Foods files for bankruptcy, considers sale to Dairy Farmers of America

The company has reported losses for eight of its last ten quarters, including five consecutive quarters. Dean attributes its weak financial position to declining consumption of fluid milk and consumer preferences for alternative non-dairy milks, like almond and oat.


Shift to ‘climate neutral’ agriculture, urges small-farm group

Climate change poses a serious threat to farmers as well as the rest of society, said the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition in a report, released today, that calls for action “to make U.S. agriculture climate-neutral.”


Arizona farms on the front lines of a climate and water crisis

Arizona’s farmers are facing a water crisis, as the state diverts scarce Colorado River resources to booming population centers, reports Stephen R. Miller, in FERN’s latest story, produced with National Geographic. To deal with the situation, farmers are drilling deeper into aquifers or selling off land, but pressures will only mount with climate change.


EPA would limit evidence for health rules (New York Times): The Trump administration would significantly limit the scientific and medical research that the EPA would use in setting public health regulations under a “transparency” proposal that would ignore a study unless all raw data, including confidential health records, are made public. 


Hog disease in China hits U.S. pork prices (Reuters): For probably the first time, the devastating epidemic of African swine fever in China is driving up U.S. pork prices, said the chief executive of Tyson Foods, one of the largest U.S. meat processors.


Time running short for biodiesel tax credit (DTN/Progressive Farmer):  Revival of the biodiesel tax credit, which expired in June, may hinge on whether it can become a rider on a must-pass bill before Congress adjourns for the year, said industry officials and the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. 


Fruit and vegetables don’t behave as expected (New Food Economy):  Produce growers say the weather in California, the top state in fruit and vegetable production, is increasingly unpredictable as the climate shifts northward and rearranges the growing season.


Injury rate in meat plants hits a low (NAMI): Worker injuries and illnesses for the meat industry dropped to the lowest rate on record in 2018, 4.3 cases per 100 full-time workers per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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