Trade War and Corn, Soy Crops – August 13, 2019

Trade war limits outlet for smaller-than-usual U.S. corn and soy crops

U.S. farmers will harvest their smallest corn and soybean crops since 2013, but the trade war will constrain exports of America’s two major crops for the second year in a row, forecast the USDA on Monday. Soybeans would sell at the lowest average price at the farm gate in 13 years.

New Trump administration rule could deny green cards to immigrants using SNAP

The Trump administration announced a rule on Monday that would allow federal officials to deny green cards and visa extensions to legal immigrants who have used certain public assistance programs, including food assistance.

Oregon joins Pacific Coast bloc for cage-free eggs

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a law last Friday that will require eggs sold in the state, whether they come from commercial flocks in Oregon or are produced elsewhere, to come from cage-free hens beginning in 2024. California and Washington State already have similar laws.

The Future of Food Summit – EatingWell & IFIC
September 18, 2019 – New York City

For the first time ever, EatingWell and the International Food Information Council Foundation are bringing together thought leaders across academia, agriculture, manufacturing, technology, retail and the media to discuss the Future of Food and how our food system needs to change for the better. Taking place on September 18 in NYC, the summit will feature thought-provoking panel discussions, including a keynote address by Ali Bouzari, Co-Founder of Pilot R&D and Render. For a full line-up of panel topics and speakers and to buy tickets, visit #futureoffood


Life after an ICE raid (New York Times): In the wake of last week’s raids at seven Mississippi poultry plants, family members of detained workers returned to the plants to pick up left-behind tools and abandoned cars, and to ponder what comes next for the plants’ employees.

Don’t underestimate China’s will (Ag Insider): People’s Daily, the voice of the Chinese Communist Party, “will publish a long article Tuesday vowing China can defeat any challenge and pressure of the U.S.,” tweeted Hu Xijin of the Global Times, saying it would be a stronger statement than any remarks by U.S. officials in the trade war.

Planting-prevented acres top 19 million (USDA): Producers reported they were unable to plant crops on 19.4 million acres this year, three-fourths of them in the Midwest. At this point a year ago, the prevented-planting total was fewer than 2 million acres.

China to use less corn (Reuters): The country’s Agriculture Ministry lowered its estimate of corn consumption in the year ahead by 2 million tonnes because an epidemic of African swine fever has reduced the number of hogs that need to be fed.

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