Trump on USMCA Vote – June 21, 2019

Trump: USMCA vote will be ‘very bipartisan’

On Thursday, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seated at his side, President Trump predicted a “very bipartisan” vote in Congress for adoption of the so-called new NAFTA, though when the House will vote on the trade pact is unclear.

After undercover investigation alleges abuse, lamb producer agrees to better oversight

Superior Farms, a unit of the country’s largest lamb producer, agreed to change its slaughter practices after an undercover investigation appeared to show inhumane animal treatment at one of its slaughterhouses.

‘Minnesota Millionaire’ is House GOP’s food stamp poster child

Rob Undersander has been dining out on political outrage for more than a year with his story of how he purposely abused the food stamp system. On Thursday, House Republicans brought the wealthy Minnesotan to Congress to support their arguments for SNAP reform.

With an eye to forage, USDA changes hay and graze rules

The USDA announced a one-time change on Thursday to its rules on harvesting forage and grazing livestock on prevented-planting cropland. The move was meant to assure there will be enough livestock feed this year, particularly for dairy cattle.


Cherry farmers allege unfair competition (Agri-Pulse): Michigan cherry farmers charge that dried tart cherries from Turkey are being imported at below market value, undermining the value of their own harvest.

USDA to run disease lab (USDA): Officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the USDA signed a memorandum saying the USDA will own and operate the $1.25 billion National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, the most advanced disease laboratory in the country, when it is commissioned in 2021.

From soybean pest to butterfly (Harvest Public Media): Although the thistle caterpillar eventually transforms into the painted lady butterfly — “a fluttering swath of color” — before it does it feasts on the leaves of soybean plants to build its webbed cocoon.

The jail that held Cesar Chavez (Monterey County Weekly): Monterey County is accepting proposals through July 9 for the rehabilitation and reuse of the now-dilapidated jail in Salinas that housed the famous farmworker activist for 20 days in 1970.

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