Trump Proposals Threaten SNAP – November 26, 2019

Trump proposals would shear SNAP rolls by 9 percent


When he signed the farm bill earlier this year, President Trump announced “immediate action on welfare reform” with the first of three administration proposals to restrict access to food stamps. Together, the proposed regulations would chop SNAP enrollment by 3.7 million people, equal to 1 of every 11 participants.


Stronger-than-expected sales to China buoy US ag exports

The China-U.S. trade war cut deeply into U.S. farm exports to China, but not as far as initially estimated, said the Department of Agriculture on Monday. The agency forecasted $139 billion in agriculture exports, the largest amount in three years and up 3 percent from 2019.


In flooded towns, a complicated buyout program (AP): The federal government has spent billions of dollars buying and demolishing homes in flood-prone areas. Those who stay behind are left in hollowed-out communities and face higher flood risks as the effects of climate change intensify.


U.S. asks Mexico for refined sugar (USDA): To offset a 6 percent drop in the U.S. sugar harvest, the administration said it would allow imports of an additional 100,000 tons of refined sugar from Mexico, counter-balanced by an equal reduction in other types of Mexican sugar.


Chinese scientist accused of ag tech theft (DTN/Progressive Farmer): A federal grand jury in St. Louis indicted a Chinese scientist on economic conspiracy charges for allegedly trying to smuggle to China “Nutrient Optimizer” software developed by Monsanto and The Climate Corp to help farmers decide fertilizer and seeding rates.


Some producers have a beef with Crowd Cow (New Food Economy):  Crowd Cow said it would provide a web-based platform to connect conscientious carnivores with local producers of high-quality beef but “initial enthusiasm has turned to disappointment” for some ranchers.


Dunkin’ customers rebel against foam ban (Wall Street Journal): Dunkin’ is eliminating foam, leading some New England customers to stockpile the chain’s hot cups; local iced coffee drinkers engage in “double-cupping,” in which a foam cup is used to insulate a plastic iced coffee cup.

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