USDA-FDA Bill Delays Hog Slaughter Rule – June 5, 2019

House USDA-FDA spending bill delays hog slaughter rule, blocks ERS/NIFA move

The bill also restores a U.S. ban on gene-edited babies. Committee leaders said they hoped to spark a debate that would lead to federal guidelines on the limits of gene-editing technology.

Trade war and planting delays erode farmer confidence

The monthly Ag Economy Barometer said farmer confidence was the lowest since October 2016, wiping out the “Trump bump” that followed the presidential election.


‘Very, very difficult’ for USMCA (Ag Insider): President Trump’s threat of tariffs on all imports from Mexico “didn’t help” the prospects for congressional approval of the new NAFTA, said Senate Finance chairman Chuck Grassley. “It makes it very, very difficult,” said Grassley to reporters, because it undermines support for the tri-national free-trade pact.

Demand for faux meat outstrips supply (Wall Street Journal): With 15 percent of restaurants offering vegetarian burger alternatives—up from 3 percent last year—suppliers like Beyond Meat are struggling to keep pace with orders.

Corporate behemoths prep for climate chaos (New York Times): Many of the world’s biggest companies are calculating the impact of climate change on their bottom lines, with trillions of dollars at stake.

Drones to light up state fair (Los Angeles Times): Instead of the traditional fireworks show, the California State Fair will present a light show using swarm technology and drones moving to choreographed music.

California says coffee doesn’t need a warning (ABC News): State regulators decided that coffee does not pose a “significant” risk of cancer and therefore, a cup of coffee won’t come with a health warning on the side.

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