USDA Fumbles Crop Report – November 12, 2019

USDA stumbles on release of market-moving crop report


The USDA was unable to deliver its market-moving crop report, often described as its premiere product, for 10 minutes due to a computer outage in Kansas City, prompting suspicions of profiteering in the grain market during the delay on Friday.

When U.S. launched trade war, ag competition was already rising

For years, the United States was the indisputable global leader for agricultural exports, partly because it had a comparative advantage in farm production. But the U.S. advantage in pork, beef, corn and soybeans is waning, say two university economists, who conclude “this may have been the worst time to enter into a trade war.”


Not so sunny for Perdue (Washington Post): Ever-cheerful Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is a relentless promoter of the Trump agenda. But he has run afoul of congressional Democrats, anti-hunger advocates, science groups, and by some accounts, farmers, as the sour farm economy eats into his and the president’s popularity.


‘Phase one’ of China deal could be next year (White House): President Trump said he has not agreed to roll back tariffs as part of a “phase one” trade agreement with China, and the deal might not be signed until next year.


Five generations on the land (New York Times): The Sino-U.S. trade war is the latest challenge to the African-American Bridgeforth family farm in northern Alabama. It has endured since the 1870s and now covers thousands of acres, while the vast majority of black farmers lost their land.


Did EPA official destroy sensitive documents? (Politico): The inspector general of the EPA is investigating whether chief of staff Ryan Jackson, who is accused of refusing to cooperate with ongoing reviews, routinely destroyed politically sensitive documents, according to two unnamed sources.


Wasps as pest control in corn and sugarcane ( A field trial in Brazil showed that wasps can control insect pests in corn and sugarcane, suggesting a local alternative to pesticides, said University College London researchers.




– State and provincial agriculture officials from Canada, Mexico and the United States meet in the 28th annual Tri-National Accord, through Thursday, Winnipeg.


– American Bankers Association holds Agricultural Bankers Conference, through Wednesday, Dallas.


– USDA releases weekly Crop Progress report, 4 p.m. ET.



– Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is lead witness at congressional Joint Economic Committee hearing, “The economic outlook,” 11 a.m. ET, 216 Hart.


– USDA releases Census of Agriculture data on irrigation and water management and monthly Oil Crops Outlook, noon ET.


– USDA releases 2019 edition of Rural America at a Glance and monthly Rice Outlook, Feed Outlook and Wheat Outlook, 3 p.m. ET. USDA will hold a webinar at 4 p.m. on Rural American at a Glance. “Economist John Pender highlights the most recent indicators of social and economic conditions in rural areas, focusing on county-level population.” 


– House Agriculture subcommittee hearing, “Safeguarding American agriculture from wild, invasive and non-native species,” 10 a.m. ET, 1300 Longworth.


– Newly formed Hemp Federation of America fly-in, Washington.


– USDA releases monthly Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook, noon ET.


– USDA releases monthly Sugar and Sweeteners Outlook, 3 p.m. ET.


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