‘USDA’s Bank’ Keeps Trade Flowing – August 8, 2019

USDA’s bank’ keeps trade aid flowing to farmers


The Trump administration can pay billions of dollars in trade aid to farmers and ranchers this year, and in 2020, too, if it wishes, because Congress quietly and reliably replenishes funding for the Commodity Credit Corp., sometimes referred to as the “USDA’s bank.”


Algae blooms linked to agricultural runoff choke waterways nationwide, says report

A new analysis from the Environmental Working Group reveals that state and federal testing of lakes and other bodies of water has found toxins from algae blooms in waterways in 48 states. The toxins, which sometimes make their way into drinking water supplies, can cause negative health outcomes ranging from skin rashes to serious illness or death.


Lawsuit seeks ban of widely used insecticide

Eleven environmental, labor, and medical groups filed suit in a U.S. appeals court in California on Wednesday to ban use of the insecticide chlorpyrifos. It was the second time the groups have sought to force the EPA to ban the widely used organophosphate pesticide.


New farm policy proposal (Medium): Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren introduced another plan for addressing farm issues, including fighting consolidation, revamping supply management policies, increasing conservation payments, and more.


Glyphosate trial may be postponed (Reuters): The first Roundup lawsuit to be heard outside of California, scheduled for Aug. 19 in St. Louis, is likely to be postponed, said a Bayer spokesman. Hundreds of people claim the glyphosate-based weedkiller caused them to develop cancer.


Immigration arrests at meat plants (AP): In what was called “the largest workplace sting in at least a decade,” federal immigration agents arrested 680 mostly Latino workers at eight meat processing plants in Mississippi.


California allows B20 in underground tanks (DTN/Progressive Farmer): A state agency changed its regulations to allow underground storage of diesel fuel containing up to 20 percent biodiesel, removing a barrier to expanding the biodiesel market in the most populous U.S. state.


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