Vilsack sets $700-million program to help farm and meatpacking workers – September 8, 2021

Vilsack sets $700-million program to help farm and meatpacking workers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Tuesday announced a new $700 million grant program to provide direct financial relief to U.S. farm and meatpacking workers hit hard by Covid-19. But it was unclear whether undocumented immigrants, who make up roughly half of all farmworkers and nearly a quarter of meatpacking workers, would be eligible in all cases.

IUCN Congress: Crop wild relatives in peril; food giants’ regenerative-ag push

The wild relatives of some of the world’s most important crops are at risk of extinction, threatening efforts to breed plants with greater resilience to climate change and improve yields, according to a new paper presented Tuesday at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Today’s Quick Hits

Lawsuits over labels: Activists are ramping up legal challenges to food labels they describe as deceptive, making unsupported claims about everything from animal welfare to environmental benefits. (New York Times)

More drought for Europe?: New research suggests that without dramatic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, Europe faces “a future of more extreme drought” that will endanger agricultural fields, hydropower generation and river transport. (Bloomberg)

Grain exports at a crawl: Grain exports from U.S. Gulf Coast terminals in southern Louisiana remained severely limited, even after the U.S. Coast Guard reopened the lower Mississippi River to shipping traffic. (Reuters)

Walmart adds Ghost Kitchens: Under a partnership with the Canadian company Ghost Kitchens, some Walmart stores will offer takeout meals from as many as two-dozen restaurants. (Food & Wine)

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