2018 Farm Report FYI

As the agribusiness landscape for crop inputs continues to change, 2018 was the scene of continued news surrounding mergers and acquisitions.
Notably, headed into 2019, the four largest ag chemical companies are: Bayer ($12.9 billion in annual revenue); Syngenta (9.7 billion in annual revenue); BASF ($6.4 billion in annual revenue); and Corteva ($6.1 billion in annual revenue.)
[source: McDougall 2017]

Here are the most-read stories about mergers and acquisitions (and how this affects ag retail) from the past year:

  1. New Name For Crop Production Services: Nutrien Ag Solutions
  2. Corteva Trims Seed Brands
  3. Bayer Announces Leadership Post Monsanto Merger
  4. BASF Considers Another Major Seed Purchase
  5. Syngenta Seeks Seed Company Acquisitions and Partnerships
  6. Bayer/Monsanto Integration: Don’t Expect Big Changes, Yet
  7. Bayer Closes Monsanto Deal But Won’t Fully Integrate For Two Months
  8. BASF Seals The Deal On Bayer Assets
  9. FMC Flexes Its Market Muscle Post DuPont Asset Acquisition
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