Biogas incentives favor factory farms, critics say – August 18, 2022

Biogas incentives favor factory farms, critics say

Manure digesters are among the best-known ways for feedlots and dairy farms to capture greenhouse gas emissions and, in some cases, sell biomethane as a fuel. The climate, healthcare, and tax law signed this week by President Biden offers a new incentive to the biogas industry at the same time that the environmental credentials of on-farm digesters are being questioned.

Flavored milk is top source of added sugar in school meals, says report

The great majority of public schools serve breakfasts and lunches that contain higher amounts of added sugar than recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, said a USDA report to Congress. “The main source of added sugars … was flavored fat-free milk,” it said.


Ethanol output dips: U.S. ethanol production dropped to 983,000 barrels a day last week, down 3.8 percent to its lowest daily average since April, according to Energy Department data. (Renewable Fuels Association)

EPA rulings challenged: Twenty lawsuits have been filed since Aug. 1 in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington by small refiners challenging the EPA’s rejection of exemptions they sought from the Renewable Fuel Standard. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

Starbucks claims bias: The coffee chain, alleging misconduct by employees of the National Labor Relations Board, asked the agency to suspend all mail-in balloting across the country on proposals to form unions at Starbucks stores. (CNBC)

‘Fast-moving’ outbreak: The CDC said it has yet to identify the source of an outbreak of E. coli, often a foodborne illness, that has sickened 14 people in Ohio and 15 people in Michigan. (New York Times)

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