Dairy farmers to get up to $200 million in USDA aid – January 24, 2023

Dairy farmers to get up to $200 million in USDA aid

The Biden administration expanded a pandemic relief program for dairy farmers on Monday to cover up to 9 million pounds of milk produced during the second half of 2020, up from the original 5 million pounds. The Agriculture Department also announced a new assistance program for organic dairy farmers, who face sharply higher feed expenses.

Ban new CAFOs, boost ‘higher-welfare’ farms

The new farm bill should reflect “Americans’ concerns and compassion for animals and the environment” by banning new factory farms and encouraging more attention to animal welfare, said the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “Public dollars should not support a cruel, polluting factory farm system that harms animals, the environment, workers, farmers and rural communities alike.”

U.S. rejects Mexico proposals on GMO corn trade

Mexico has failed to satisfy the “grave concerns” of the United States over a potential ban on imports of U.S.-grown GMO corn, said trade officials after negotiations in Mexico City on Monday. “We made it clear today that if this issue is not resolved, we will consider all options, including taking formal steps to enforce our rights under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.”


Cell meat gets closer: Cell-cultured meat could be on the menu at some U.S. restaurants within months, but the industry faces hurdles such as ramping up production, bringing down costs and getting a federal decision on whether the product can be called beef or chicken. (Reuters)

EPA to study CAFOs: The EPA said it would conduct a new study of wastewater from concentrated animal feeding operations so it can “make an informed, reasonable decision” on whether to update water pollution regulations for factory farms. (EPA)

Endangered foods: The multitude of food products at the grocery store disguises the dwindling number of crops that provide most of the calories in the modern diet as well as the loss of diversity within major crops. (The Guardian)

After the drought, the deluge: California farms that struggled with drought now face the misery of torrential rains and flooding; thousands of farmworkers are out of work while dealing with damage to homes and vehicles. (Los Angeles Times)

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