Farm Sector in Plains – January 16, 2019

Farm-state Rep. Steve King votes for resolution that admonishes him for racist remarks

Majority-party Democrats called the vote a day after House Republicans barred Rep. Steve King of Iowa from serving on any committee. King had sparked the rebuke by questioning why the language of white supremacy had “become offensive.”

Farm sector in Plains is in ‘prolonged downturn,’ says Kansas City Fed chief

In a speech, the president of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank said “the farm sector is in a prolonged downturn as a result of declining agricultural prices, made worse by retaliatory tariffs on U.S. farm products.”


China culls 916,000 hogs in disease drive (Reuters): The world’s largest hog producer, China, has killed 916,000 hogs in combating outbreaks of African swine fever around the country, said the Agriculture Ministry.

Food kitchen for furloughed feds (Washington Post): The charity World Central Kitchen will open a kitchen on Pennsylvania Avenue, the route connecting the White House and the Capitol, to feed federal employees and their families during the partial government shutdown, said celebrity chef José Andrés.

More bailout bucks to Brazilian packer (Greeley Tribune): As part of food purchases to mitigate the impact of the Sino-U.S. trade war, the USDA will buy $22.3 million of U.S.-grown pork from Brazilian-owned JBS USA—four times more than initially reported.

USDA provides food but not distribution funds (Bloomberg): During the partial government shutdown, the USDA continues to provide food to supplement the diets of low-income people through the Emergency Food Assistance Program, but not the funds that help pay for the cost of distributing the food.

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