High food prices have consumers and aid agencies scrambling – October 26, 2021

High food prices have consumers and aid agencies scrambling

As food prices continue to rise, consumers around the country are being forced to adjust their shopping habits and aid agencies are ramping up support. Overall, food prices were 4.6 percent higher in September than a year ago, driven largely by surging prices for meat, poultry and fish, which were up 10.4 percent, according to the Consumer Price Index.

Today’s Quick Hits

A right to food? Mainers debate a proposed constitutional amending guaranteeing “a right to food” ahead of Nov. 2 vote. (AP)

Pricey Thanksgiving: Nearly every ingredient, from the turkey to the after-dinner coffee, is expected to cost more this year than ever, for a host of reasons. (New York Times)

Brits stock up: Shortages of goods, fuel and workers are driving a surge of early holiday food shopping among English consumers. (The Guardian)

Champagne shortage: Low supply, high demand and the ongoing shipping bottleneck are likely to produce shortages of French bubbly this holiday season. (The Washington Post)

Big Ag’s carbon programs: The biggest agriculture companies are launching programs to sequester carbon and generate valuable credits, creating a new revenue stream for farmers. (Reuters)

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