Hog Industry Wants USDA Overwatch – June 26, 2019

Put USDA in charge of gene-edited livestock, says hog industry

The U.S. hog industry is going to the White House in its campaign for the USDA to supplant FDA as the federal regulator of gene-edited food animals, leaders said on Tuesday.

House passes spending bill, including amendment to delay hog-slaughter rule

Under the amendment, which is co-sponsored by Democratic Reps. DeLauro of Connecticut and Price of Georgia, the rule would not take effect until the Office of Inspector General has reviewed it and resolved concerns with the process.


EPA goes quiet(er) (The Hill):  A new rule from EPA, set to be published Wednesday, would allow the agency to reject public information requests without explanation.

Garlic con intercepted (Maritime Executive): The U.S. Coast Guard intercepted a boat carrying 7,800 pounds of illicit garlic—worth about $30,000—the largest bust of its kind.

Perdue expects deal with China this year (CNN): Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said during an interview that farmers “are one of the casualties here with trade disruption,” but he was optimistic the will be a resolution by the end of this year.

Will a GMO chestnut revive the ‘redwood of the East’? (Pacific Standard):  Scientists put a wheat gene into a wild chestnut embryo in hopes of reviving a tree once common from Georgia to Maine; now regulators have to decide if it should be the first transgenic plant released into the wild.

Vietnam culls 2.8 million hogs (Reuters): In an attempt to stop the contagious African swine fever, Vietnam has killed 2.8 million hogs or nearly 10 percent of all the pigs in the country.

Outrage and resignation in relocation (Kansas City Star): Kansas City scored a major economic victory as the new home for two USDA agencies but it’s unclear how many employees will make the 1,000-mile move and whether other federal agencies will leave Washington.

Faux burger vs ‘clean coal of meat’ (Civil Eats): A new feud in the protein market pits Impossible Foods, maker of plant-based burgers, against beef from cattle raised with regenerative grazing.

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