Lawsuit challenges EPA over pesticide-coated seeds – December 16, 2021

Lawsuit challenges EPA over pesticide-coated seeds

Renewing a fight that began five years ago, two environmental groups have sued the EPA to force it to regulate pesticide-coated seeds in the name of protecting bees and other pollinators. Seeds coated with neonicotinoid insecticides are used on 80 percent of corn land and 40 percent of soybean land, although researchers question their value against late-emerging crop pests.

Danone’s offer is a ‘small step,’ say Northeast organic dairy farmers

Groups representing organic dairy farmers in the Northeast said Danone North America, owner of Horizon Organic, needs to do more to cushion farmers against its decision to pull out of the region. Danone said it would extend contracts with 89 dairy farmers for an additional six months, provide a transition payment to the producers, and explore “co-investment solutions” with state and federal officials.

Today’s Quick Hits

Cut water use: Responding to the first-ever water shortage in Lake Mead, officials from Arizona, California, and Nevada agreed to significantly reduce the amount of water they take from the Colorado River. (Los Angeles Times)

CFTC nominees announced: President Biden nominated Caroline Pham, a managing director at Citi, and Summer Mersinger, director of legislative affairs at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, to serve as CFTC commissioners. (White House)

Goldstein to step down: Bruce Goldstein, president of Farmworker Justice, will retire at the end of December after 33 years with the advocacy group. (Farmworker Justice)

ADM emissions vow: Agribusiness giant ADM pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions throughout its supply chain by 25 percent by 2035. (ADM)

‘Dust Bowl 2021’: A storm system with 100 mph wind gusts created “a large-scale dust storm across the Plains,” knocked over trucks, and spawned tornadoes in the U.S. midsection during a day of violent weather. (Axios)

Confirm CFTC chairman: By voice vote on Wednesday, the Senate confirmed Rostin Behman as chairman of the CFTC and to serve a second term on the commission. (Senate Ag)

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