Researchers identify potential remedy for citrus greening disease – August 25, 2023

Researchers identify potential remedy for citrus greening disease

Since it was confirmed in Florida 25 years ago, citrus greening disease has slashed citrus production in the state by 75 percent and infected trees in Louisiana, Texas, and California. USDA researchers said on Thursday they have found a potential remedy that boosts a citrus tree’s natural resistance to the disease.

EPA restricts use of malathion to protect endangered species

Following guidance from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Environmental Protection Agency has revised its rules on use of the insecticide malathion in an effort to protect 78 threatened and endangered species.


China praises GMO crops: Although it does not allow the commercial growing of genetically modified crops, China’s agriculture ministry reported “outstanding” results in pest and weed control as well as higher yields per acre during large-scale tests of GMO corn and soybeans. (Reuters)

Biofuels group criticizes EPA panel: The EPA’s Science Advisory Board is wrong to question the greenhouse gas reductions achieved by using ethanol instead of gasoline, said the Renewable Fuels Association. (RFA)

Guns, booze, rural youth: Rural adolescents who drink heavily have a markedly higher probability of carrying a handgun in the following year, an association that persists into young adulthood, said researchers at the University of Washington medical school. (Newswise)

Japan’s disappearing fish: As ocean temperatures rise, some fish species traditionally caught off the southern shores of Japan are reappearing in northern waters and other species are moving into cooler waters beyond the reach of fishing boats. (Los Angeles Times)

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