Supreme Court will hear Idaho challenge to clean water law – January 25, 2022

Supreme Court will hear Idaho challenge to clean water law

The Supreme Court opened the door to a possible revision of wetlands regulations by agreeing to decide whether Michael and Chantell Sackett can build a house in the Idaho panhandle. Justices will hear the case even though the Biden administration is writing a new definition of the upstream reach of the Clean Water Act.

USDA pauses vaccination drive

The USDA will not enforce the White House order for federal employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 while a court appeal is pending, said a spokesman on Monday. Last week, a federal judge in Texas issued an injunction against the order to get vaccinated or obtain a waiver.

Today’s Quick Hits

Rural infrastructure funding: Deputy Agriculture Secretary Jewel Bronaugh is to announce more than $1 billion for rural infrastructure projects during a visit to an Alabama hospital on Wednesday. (FERN’s Ag Insider)

Cell-based meat kickoff?: Investors have poured $2 billion into companies developing cell-based meat in the past two years and one of them says U.S. approval of cell-based meat for human consumption could come as early as this year. (CNBC)

Drought clobbered avocados: Fruit supplier Limoneria says drought reduced the California avocado crop and drove up prices in 2021, but winter storms are expected to bring a turnaround this year. (Food Dive)

U.S. shuns fruit, veggies: Only one in 10 adult Americans eats the government-recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, according to the results of a CDC survey. (The Packer)

Melting iceberg deluge: A melting mega-iceberg the size of Rhode Island released roughly 152 billion tons of fresh water and nutrients in a three-month period near the Atlantic Ocean island of South Georgia, “potentially impacting the island’s rich ecosystem,” says a study in the journal Remote Sensing of Environment. (CBS News)

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