To end hunger, White House backs more free school meals and healthier food choices – September 27, 2022

To end hunger, White House backs more free school meals and healthier food choices

The Biden administration on Tuesday proposed panoramic action to end hunger and reduce diet-related diseases by 2030, including a “pathway” to free school meals for all students, expansion of SNAP, development of front-of-package nutrition labels and a Medicare test of “food as medicine” on Tuesday. The 44-page strategy was released ahead of the first White House hunger conference in half a century and when one in 10 American households was food insecure and millions of people suffered obesity and other diet-related illnesses.

Fights over SNAP are likely to delay farm bill

Farm bill veteran Colin Peterson, a former chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, offered some first hand advice on Monday for drafting the 2023 farm bill: Make an agreement on SNAP the first order of business. But he doubts lawmakers will avoid the prolonged fights over public nutrition that derailed the 2014 and 2018 farm bills.

USDA issues rule against unfair practices in livestock marketing

At a meeting of his competition council, President Biden announced on Monday a proposed USDA rule to prevent unfair and deceptive practices in livestock marketing. It was the second of three rules planned by the USDA to give poultry, hog and cattle producers more leverage in dealing with meat processors.

Talks & Eats returns to Brooklyn

The climate crisis in agriculture is a frequent topic of reporting here at FERN. But climate change is also having a significant effect on the global wine industry. How are vintners responding? In this conversation, wine writer Alice Feiring — proclaimed “the queen of natural wines” by the Financial Times — will join FERN Editor-in-Chief Sam Fromartz to talk about what she’s seen and what she’s worried about. Tickets include complimentary beer and wine. A tax-deductible VIP ticket includes a reception with beer, wine, and eats.


PFAS in pesticides: New research finds high levels of PFAS in widely used pesticides, contradicting EPA statements that the chemicals are not used in the products and prompting calls to ban pesticides containing the substances. (PEER)

Invasive invertebrates: Water fleas and bloody red shrimp are among the many destructive species inching closer to the Mississippi River Basin. (Nebraska Public Media)

Longhorned tick spreads: The tick, which causes big losses for cattle producers, has been detected in northern Missouri. (University of Missouri)

W(h)ither kimchi?: Climate change’s heat and extreme weather threaten Korea’s cabbage crops, driving prices high and prompting a “kimchi crisis”. (Washington Post)

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