Trump Trade Rollercoaster – August 27, 2019

Trump trade rollercoaster heads back up, but with conflicting claims

After a weekend in which Trump lashed out angrily at China, calling its leader “an enemy,” Trump was making nice again at the end of the G7 summit on Monday, praising Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “great man” and saying prospects for a trade deal looked brighter. Soybean prices rose on the news, even while China downplayed Trump’s assessment.

Complaints about North Carolina’s hog industry vanished in state bureaucracy

For years, complaints about hog pollution in North Carolina disappeared after they were filed with state authorities, according to FERN’s latest story with The Guardian and the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting. But as a result of a settlement with environmental justice groups, the state this year began posting complaints online – exceeding in six months the number of complaints in the prior decade, Barry Yeoman writes.


Kentucky Fake Chicken (AgWeb): KFC begins testing a plant-based chicken alternative from Beyond Meat in an Atlanta restaurant.

No Brazilian GM cows, for now (Wired): Brazil was all set to create the country’s first herd of genetically-modified dehorned cows, until a gene-editing glitch in one of the bulls doomed the project.

More workers join minimum-wage fight (Bloomberg): SEIU, the union behind the Fight for $15 campaign, has begun unionizing fast food service workers at Connecticut highway rest stops.

Another shakeup at Kraft Heinz (Wall Street Journal): The condiment and packaged food giant has a new CFO as the company attempts to recover from falling sales.

DOJ approves more cannabis research (AP): Spurred by court filing, the Justice Department said Monday it would expand the number of marijuana growers for federally-authorized cannabis research.

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