U.S. hunger rate is lowest since start of pandemic – August 31, 2021

U.S. hunger rate is lowest since start of pandemic

After cresting at 13.7 percent at the end of 2020, the U.S. hunger rate is now the lowest, 7.8 percent, since the pandemic began in early 2020. Analysts say the expanded child tax credit, coronavirus relief programs and rebound from recession all helped.

Discourage dewormer as Covid treatment, FDA asks veterinarians, retailers

Since early this year, the FDA has warned against using the drug ivermectin, a livestock dewormer, to treat or prevent Covid-19. On Monday, it asked veterinarians and retailers to discourage their clientele from buying the medicine to use on themselves.

Today’s Quick Hits

Ida hits Cargill: Hurricane Ida inflicted “significant damage” on a Cargill export elevator on the Mississippi River at Reserve, Louisiana, 30 miles northwest of New Orleans. (Reuters)

Immune from water cuts: Under California’s century-old water rights law, summarized as “first in time, first in right,” some of the oldest water districts in the state are relatively untouched by cuts in water allotments. (Los Angeles Times)

Raptors in peril: Birds of prey are declining in number worldwide, with 30 percent of 557 raptor species rated as near-threatened, vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. (Associated Press)

Heirs’ property funding: Intermediary lenders, such as cooperatives and credit unions, can apply until Oct. 22 through the new Heirs’ Property Relending Program for funding to resolve property title issues. (USDA)

First hemp survey: The USDA will conduct its first survey of industrial hemp farmers in October to gather information about planted and harvested acreage, yields per acre, production and value of the crop. (National Agricultural Statistics Service)

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