House Republicans oppose USDA meat investigator as poison pill – June 14, 2022

House Republicans oppose USDA meat investigator as poison pill

The House will vote as early as Tuesday on legislation to create a USDA special investigator to enforce fair-play laws in the meat industry despite last-ditch Republican efforts to quash the proposal. The White House announced its support on Monday for the package.

Colorado infections push HPAI losses above 40 million birds

More than 40 million birds in domestic flocks, mostly chickens and turkeys, have died in the worst outbreak of bird flu since the 2014-15 epidemic, according to USDA data released on Monday. The outbreaks, which have killed 6 percent of the egg-laying hens in the country, were blamed for an Easter Time spike in egg prices.

Photo courtesy of Jenna Walters, Michigan State University.

Rising heat snuffs out plant fertilization
Pollination is at the heart of a plant’s reproductive system, but climate change and rising heat are wreaking havoc on the process. One point is becoming alarmingly clear to scientists: heat is a pollen killer. Even with adequate water, heat can damage pollen and prevent fertilization in canola and many other crops, including corn, peanuts, and rice.


Formula plants weren’t inspected: Because of the pandemic, the FDA did not inspect any plants operated by the three largest manufacturers of baby formula in 2020, a change from its usual procedure of inspecting plants at least once a year. (Associated Press)

No action on glyphosate case: The Supreme Court is nearing the end of its term but has yet to decide whether to hear Bayer’s appeal of a $25 million award to a California man who said Roundup weedkiller was the cause of his cancer. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Climate, conflict and hunger: Climate change intersects with poverty, food insecurity and conflict “and is super-charging conditions that result in famine and food insecurity” in Africa. (InsideClimate News)

Packing plant partner: Farmers Union Industries would build a plant handling meat processing byproducts next to a proposed South Dakota cattle slaughterhouse that would be the largest in the world, said developers. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

WTO backs Ukraine exports: Over 50 members of the World Trade Organization, including the EU and the United States, said they would support Ukraine in facilitating its agri-food exports through steps such as simplifying customs procedures. (Agriland)

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