Brazil Allows Duty-Free Wheat – March 20, 2019

Brazil agrees to let some wheat enter duty-free, an opening for U.S. grain

Wheat growers declared victory—”a big win”—with Brazil’s agreement on Tuesday to allow duty-free import of wheat grown outside of a South American trading bloc.

In Iowa, ag-gag is reborn. What does that mean for other states?

This month, Iowa legislators revived the state’s ag-gag law after its overturn by a federal court. The new law again targets undercover investigations into livestock farms — and it comes as ag-gag supporters across the country are looking to craft laws that will survive constitutional challenges.

Jury says Monsanto weedkiller was substantial factor in man’s cancer

In a trial that could serve as a bellwether for other cases, a federal court jury decided unanimously that a Monsanto herbicide was a substantial factor in causing cancer in Edwin Hardeman, of Santa Rosa, California.

Tally for Trump aid to ag in trade war nears $9 billion

With the USDA purposely stretching out its purchases of food for donation, its outlays to mitigate the impact of trade war on U.S. agriculture will rise slowly in the months ahead. Roughly $8.8 billion has been spent since last fall with the bulk of it, $8.1 billion, on Trump tariff payments to crop and livestock producers.


A foam container ban could be coming (CNBC): In Maryland, a bill that would make it the first state to ban foam takeout containers awaits Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature.

African swine fever in Vietnam (FAO): Since its first case of African swine fever was reported on Feb. 19, 221 outbreaks have been reported in 17 provinces and cities, prompting the government to restrict movement of hogs and pig products in affected communities.

Flood aid possible in disaster bill (Ag Insider): Senate Finance chairman Chuck Grassley said federal aid to flood-hit parts of the Plains might be included in a disaster bill awaiting a vote in the Senate if damage figures can be compiled quickly.

Flood losses in hundreds of millions (AP): Farmers and ranchers could see damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly topping $1 billion, from storms and flooding in Nebraska, said the president of the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

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