More money for agriculture to flow from Washington – August 20, 2020

More money for agriculture to flow from Washington

Federal payments to farmers are forecast at a record $32 billion this year, with additional outlays all but certain due to the pandemic and economic recession, said two farm policy experts in gauging potential action in the near term.


Survey shows a drop in farmer support for Trump

Farmers, in overwhelming numbers, said they would vote to re-elect President Trump this fall, but the landslide margin was smaller than in April, according to a telephone survey by DTN/Progressive Farmer.


Cover crops a boon for weed control, says report

Often cited as a way to reduce erosion or improve soil quality, cover crops are also useful in controlling weeds that have developed an herbicide tolerance, said a survey of farmers by the Conservation Technology Information Center on Wednesday.



Price-gouging case is dismissed: A state court judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state attorney general that accused egg producer Cal-Maine Foods of price gouging early this year when the coronavirus became a pandemic. (Food Dive)

Maxwell sues Smithfield over hog deal: A day after announcing it would cease operations in the new year, Maxwell Foods, which has a network of contract hog farms, filed a lawsuit in North Carolina accusing Smithfield Foods of trying to drive it out of business despite a 1994 agreement to pay favorable prices for Maxwell’s hogs. (National Hog Farmer)


USDA expands prevented planting: Beginning in 2021, the USDA will alter its prevented-planting rules to make it easier for growers to qualify for crop insurance payments. The change will include nationwide use of a “1 in 4” provision that allows coverage of land where a crop has been planted in at least one of the four most recent years. (Risk Management Agency)


‘Stock Cropper’ in Iowa: Zack Smith, a farmer in north-central Iowa, is trying a one-acre experiment of a system called Stock Cropper, which alternates 12 rows of corn with 20-foot strips of pasture. The pasture is grazed, a section at a time, by a mix of goats, sheep, hogs, and chickens, which will enrich the soil while gaining weight for market. (Storm Lake Times)


Food journalists group to disband: The Association of Food Journalists, founded in 1974 to promote responsible and independent food journalism, announced it will dissolve on Dec. 31, an indirect victim of the downsizing of the news industry. (AFJ)

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