Trump boosts food-box funding by $1 billion – August 25, 2020

Trump boosts food-box funding by $1 billion

Hours after he was nominated for a second term, President Trump announced at a produce packing house in North Carolina an additional $1 billion on Monday for the food-box giveaway program that is his administration’s answer to hunger during the pandemic.


Farm management rule is a step toward equity, say reformers

Although the USDA adopted a stricter rule on who qualifies for crop subsidies, farm-program reformers said on Monday there was more work to do. The new rule, which applies to people who say they deserve a payment because they help manage a farm,  should be applied across the board to all USDA programs and it needs to have teeth, they said.



Arkansas slow to react to coronavirus: Arkansas state officials and meat industry executives were loath to shut down poultry processing plants as the cornavirus spread earlier this year; more than 4,600 poultry plant workers are infected by the virus and packing plants are contributing to outbreaks in rural communities. (Facing South)


Coronavirus payments rise to $9.2 billion: Roughly 17,000 agricultural producers collected $20 million in coronavirus relief funds in the past week, with overall payments totaling $9.2 billion to 557,592 entities ahead of the Sept. 11 deadline to request aid. (USDA)


China imports a record amount of pork: Customs data showed imports of 430,000 tonnes of pork into China during July, the highest monthly total ever, to satisfy domestic demand for meat following the loss of millions of hogs in China. (Reuters)


USDA says no to year-long waiver: Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told a House committee chairman that a nationwide waiver allowing schools to serve food for free to all students at various locations was akin to “a universal school meals program which Congress has not authorized or funded.”  As a result, the pandemic-related summer program will expire at the end of August. (House Education and Labor)


Iowa corn conditions worsen: For the second week in a row since the derecho hit Iowa, the No. 1 corn state, the condition of the crop has worsened with dry weather adding to wind damage; 50 percent of the corn is listed as good or excellent, compared to 68 percent before the wind and rain storm. (USDA)

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