Organic Food – February 27, 2019

Organic food is booming. So why are organic grains lagging behind?

The organic sector has boomed in recent years. But the amount of farmland devoted to organic grain, which is needed for feeding livestock, is expanding more slowly, says a trade group report.

New bill proposes hefty increase for SNAP benefits

A new bill, proposed by Rep. Alma Adams of North Carolina, would raise food stamp benefits by an estimated 30 percent. A companion bill will be filed by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a presidential hopeful.


The Beer Wars wage on (Wall Street Journal): Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Super Bowl ad that targeted MillerCoors’s use of corn syrup in its beers may derail a coordinated industry effort to promote beer consumption.

Pesticides in your beer? (USA Today): PIRG found traces of glyphosate in 19 out of 20 beers and wines tested in a study on the pesticide’s prevalence in alcoholic beverages.

Iowa ag-gag battle continues (Feedstuffs): The state of Iowa intends to appeal a recent court decision that nullified the state’s ag-gag law.

Don’t cut crop insurance (AFBF): Nearly five dozen farm, conservation, and banking groups signed a letter to the House Budget Committee opposing cuts in crop insurance, “a linchpin in the farm safety net.”

Brazil review says glyphosate is okay (Reuters): Analysts for Brazil’s health agency say glyphosate, the most widely used weedkiller in the world, does not cause cancer, a finding that would allow the herbicide to continue to be sold in the country.

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